Best Instant Geyser For Kitchen

Best Instant Geyser For Kitchen

Best Instant geyser for kitchen, is an important gadget in our everyday life.  Geyser helps to save you from the pan of boiling water for minutes till then you need to wait, and in this fast life, we do not love waiting! Do we?

In this article, I have listed 5 geysers available in India. Read the article to find it below. 

1. Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater: Best Instant Water HeaterFor Kitchen

Crompton 3-Litre Instant Water Heater
  • Stainless steel weldless Tank for long life
  • Rust free ABS body
  • 6.5 bar pressure suitable for high rise buildings
  • 4 level Safety
  • Capacity: 3 liters, Power: 3000 watts
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Instang Water Heater

The body of this particular geyser is made up of stainless steel, means your favourite water heater for kitchen can be used without worrying about the rust. Also, the product is vertical in shape thus this will provide as the suitable geyser for the kitchen in your wall space. 

The safety valve is multifunctional with a four-level safety. The product is suitable as the water heater for kitchen use or water heater for the kitchen sink as it has element made especially with copper for heating. The LED indicator helps the customer to indicate about the function of the geyser.  The product is of length 26.5 cm, width 22 cm and height 42.5 cm. The instant geyser comes with a warranty of two years as well.

  • The Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater is perfect to use as it comes with a lead indicator and the copper plating ensures the safety of the product.
  • The product is “Made in India”, means you are contributing to Vocal for local.
  • The Crompton brand is very trustable with amazing customer service.
  • The product is not pre-installed, hence you need to call a mechanic for the installation process.
  • Installation not provided by the brand.
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2. Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser:Best Instant Geyser In India

Havells 3 Litre Instant Geyser
  • LED Indicator: Colour-changing LEDs that change from blue to amber to indicate the hotness of the water
  • Outer Body: Rust and shock proof ABS outer body for long life. Inner Tank: Stainless steel inner tank of 304 grade
  • Power Cord: Fire retardant power cord for maximum safety
  • Power Cord: Fire retardant power cord for maximum safety
  • Power: 3000 watts;

The Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser has a LED indicator which changes its colour. The colour gets changed from blue to the colour Amber, this indicates the water hotness.  The particular product’s outer body is a shock as well as rust-proof which makes the geyser stay protected for a longer period. The special mention is the Inner tank which is made up of Stainless steel, and the grade of the tank is three hundred four. The cord for power is fire retardant, which provides maximum safety. 

The product comes with a warranty of 2 (two) years and the condenser of the product have five (5) years of warranty. The power is 3000 (three thousand) watts. 

The product comes with Manual, two Flexi pipes and accessory for wall mounting. 

  • The product has an ISI mark and is also certified by ISI, means a double warranty.
  • Also the Havells Instanio 3-Litre Instant Geyser provides five years warranty in its condenser which makes this product unique as well.
  • The pressure valve may function inappropriately if not used with the utmost care, and the water may leak from the valve.

3.Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3KW Instant Water Heater : 3 Litres Instant Water Heater For Kitchen

Racold 3 Litres Water Heater
  • High Pressure Withstanding capacity  6 Bar
  •  Elegant Italian design with a rare combination of technology and style
  • Faster Heating
  • Auto Cut Off
  • No Back Flow of Water

This particular product is infused with HPR means it has High-Pressure Resistance, which can withstand the high pressure during the pimp applications and can also doesn’t fluctuate with the fluctuation of the electricity. The pressure of the product is 6 bars, and the product according to the manufacturers is inspired by the Italian design with a great mixture of style and technology. 

The element used is of high power means it can give you hot water for a bath or use in the kitchen within very few minutes. The product also has an auto cut off mechanism means even if the switch is ON, in this way you are saving the electricity as well. 

  • The thermostat is Stem type and this balances the automatic temperature, which provides the buyer with extra security.
  • The system used is anti-siphoning which helps to prevent the backflow of water and also ensures that the inner surface doesn’t dry up.
  • The tank of this product comes with a warranty of five years with two years of warranty in the water heater.
  • The manufacturer of the Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3KW Instant Water Heater does not provide free installation means you need to spend a little extra money.

4.Hindware Atlantic Convenio 3 Litre Instant Geyser : Instant Water Heater For kitchen

The product comes with three litres capacity with 6.5 bars pressure. The manufacturer of this particular geyser provides free installation with the product, all the customer needs to give a call in their toll-free number as mentioned in the outer box or manual. The inner tank is made up of stainless steel which keeps the corrosion and rust away. The product comes with five years of warranty on the tank, whereas two years of guarantee is provided for the comprehensive and heating element. 


– The technology used in this product is i-Thermostat which prevents energy wastage. 

– The special feature of Ingress Protection helps the body of the geyser to stay protected from splashing of water. 


– There may be water leakage in the product, as the usage of a nozzle can be a bit tricky.

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5.Maharaja Whiteline Insta 3L WH-101 IN3 3000-Watt Water Heater :Water Heater Gor kitchen Sink

The Operational voltage of the product is 230 volts, and it comes with a one year warranty. The size of the heater is perfect to be used in the bathroom or the kitchen. The product comes with an Instruction manual, Guarantee card and list of customer care as well. According to the brand manufacturer, the geyser can give you hot water instantly, as the product name suggests. 


– The instruction manual is clear and the techniques to use the geyser at the kitchen or home is clear. 

– The warranty of the product is one year. 

Cons : 

– The product is not suitable for families having more than three members, as it may not provide hot water in one turn to more than three people. 

– You will have to wait till the hot water dispenses, then only the geyser will turn on. 

6.Havells GHWEOPTWG003 Opal 3-Litre 3000-Watt Water Heater :Best Instant Geyser in India

Havells Opal 3-Litre 3000-Watt  instant Water Heater
  • Power: 3000 watts;
  • Operating Voltage: 230 volts.
  • 3 Litre Water Heater
  • Inner tank made with extra thick rolled steel and superior cold.
  • Energy saving Geyser
  • Product Dimensions: : 29 cm (Length) x 26.5 cm (Width) x 37 cm (Height)
  • Thick and Oval Shape Water Heater.
  • Five star rated water heater as per BEE standard
  • Adjustable knob for temperature settings to get the desired temperature between 25°C to 75°C

  • Best Use for Kitchen
  • 2 yeear Warranty on Product and 5 year on Tank
  • Energy Efficient
  • No Free Indtallation

7.CAPITAL® 1L instant portable water heater/geyser: Portable Water Heater For Kicthcn

instant water heater for kitchen


  • 1 Litre Instant Water Heater
  • Portable Water Heater
  • Auto cut off feature avilable
  • Shock Proof and Heat Resistant
  • Easy to carry
  • Water heats within 10 seconds
  • Ideal for Bachlors and Kitchen Use

Its Best Instant Geyser for Kitchen (1 Liter) in budget.This geyser is very much compacy which can fit in kitchen or anywhere else.It also bery much easy to carry so if person shift one place to another place so easily can shift.


So, guys, I hope that you can get an idea about the best Instant geyser for kitchen. So, plan wisely and invest your hard-earned money on good products, I hope that this article will be helpful for you.  Do let me know in the comments section below about your thoughts on the geyser.

Which geyser is best for kitchen?

Maharaja Whiteline Insta 3L WH-101 IN3 3000-Watt Water Heater
Racold Pronto Neo 3 Litres 3KW Instant Water Heater
Hindware Atlantic Convenio 3 Litre Instant Geyser

Which geyser is best for kitchen instant or storage?

For Kitchen Instant geyser is best.

Which company instant geyser is best?


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